Local Classes

(Hendersonville, NC)

Just Yoga

  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings 8:30am
  • Thursday night 5:30pm

This practice begins with the breath. From there we weave the breath into a comprehensive practice of movement and stillness, life affirming mantra, rejuvenating relaxation and meditation to enliven the body and promote positive states of mind. With a focus on health and wellbeing the physical practice is often challenging yet balanced with options for all; asana is used more as a tool for self exploration than for achieving an aesthetic. Subtle techniques are intelligently woven in to enhance your relationship with your body and your higher self.

I invite you to step out of your expectations and perceived limitations in to the vast possibility that lives within you.


Yin & Meditation

  • Monday and Wednesday 11:45 am

In Yin Yoga tension in the bodily structure is relaxed slowly allowing for a release in the deeper web of connective tissue. By allowing gravity and time to stretch the fascia around the joints we set the body up to sit more comfortably and longer in meditation. In this 75 minute class intentionally sequenced Yin poses serve to relax the body while meditation works to evolve the mind towards personal clarity and connection. Each session will end with ample time in deep rest.
Come to calm the mind, open the door to peace, and build a relationship with yourSelf.

*Jennifer is mindful in her approach to yin yoga as not to overstretch the body. This class isn’t about extreme flexibility, it’s about opening personal space for ease and steadiness.

No experience with either yin yoga or meditation is needed to benefit from this practice.


Restorative Yoga and Massage

  • Thursday night 7:15pm

End your day with a nourishing blend of restorative Yoga practice an
d massage. A YAM signature, this class beautifully blends the healing and nourishing qualities of restorative yoga with intuitive body work. Restore the body-heart-mind with a practice to balance energy and promote holistic well-being. Hands on work is completely optional. Class size is limited to allow for each student to have hands on massage throughout the class so sign up ahead of time to reserve your space.


Open Practice

  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings 6-8am
You. Your mat. Your Practice. It’s that simple and that profound.
Come as you are. Any level. Any interest. This is your time to explore!
Jennifer will be in the studio from 6am-8am Tuesdays and Thursdays to hold space for you and your journey.
Come for any of the following reasons. They are all perfect!:
  • Receive skilled hands on assists and adjustments (or not)
  • Ask questions, receive feedback on your practice (or not)
  • Learn new asana or subtle techniques as appropriate
  • Practice (or rest) in a warm room with the healing benefits of infrared heat
  • Learn and practice meditation techniques
  • Use the props for restorative or yin yoga
  • …or just come to feel the energy of the community while you do your own thing (safely please)!
Jennifer will offer you as much space as you require or as much attention as you need. While this may feel similar to a mysore style practice it is not specific to any lineage or school. However you practice you are welcome. You can be a relatively new practitioner or very seasoned. You will be supported as you are. No judgement, no expectations…just you and the mat!
It is suggested that you arrive no later than 7:15am as the session will end promptly at 8am.
Simply sign in at the front desk when you arrive and come on in!


$5 Fridays

  • 4pm Friday- begins in January
End your week on a high note! Join us for a $5 All levels practice to ease into the weekend with a bit of sweat, tons of smiles and a deeper connection to what matters. Register early as space is limited!