“Having seen the spirit…” A reflection from sadhana and the Siva Samhita

It’s 5:45am. I’ve just finished my morning Sadhana and i’m enjoying the rich taste of a warm cup of coffee. The air feels both crisp and damp on my skin, the silence holds me, the temple of my body alert and peaceful. I can’t help but feel, sense, KNOW that this is the magic.


A few years ago I began this ritual of early morning practice. Steering away from the “take it when you can get it” approach of daily yoga practice to a more traditional path of sacred time, sacred space…no excuses. At first it was REALLY hard. Every inch of my body attached to the mattress when the alarm went off. Every fiber of my being confused for the fibers of the sheets. It brought a whole new meaning to “there is no separation,” and not the one that was very helpful. But after a while it progressed. First into something that I just did because I always did it, and then in to something that was necessary for my sanity and for the safety of others 😉 . It wasn’t until this year, however, that it shifted from straight necessity to SACRED.


You see, I have a brilliant teacher. Will Duprey is more than a yoga-lebrity. The man is devoted. He is devoted to his practice, his path, to the reflection of the lineage of hatha-raja yoga in every moment of his life. It is from that dedication that he offers the safety for his students to learn and grow in an authentic way and has created, alongside his brilliant wife, and my Mantra teacher Susan Duprey (also a sattvic holistic health coach), the school of Hathavidya. No matter the technique, Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Meditaiton, what have you…the approach is the same. EXPERIENCE THE HECK OUT OF IT. Why? Well guess what: it isn’t the technique thats the yoga, it’s what dedication to the technique unveils inside of you that’s made up of the stuff of magic. Divine connection. A spiritual experience in human form. The place where the breath, the mind, the intelligence, the intuition, the prana all absorb into one state of perfect connection so true it can only be described as WHOLE. Windows to this state are what brought me to the sacred approach to sadhana. How, having witnessed this potential repeatedly in the wee hours of the morning, could I NOT practice? Believe me i’ve tried. The patterns of attachment and aversion run deep in my history but every time I let them sway me to the point of changing my sadhana (or avoiding it) to fit my ego’s desires for the day I feel a bit marred and broken. It’s like my spirit never really had a chance to turn the light on and is now existing in a metaphorical Norweigan winter. The world feels bland and sometimes a bit rusty. These moments are lessons, and they always bring me back. Because after that first morning AUMMMmmmmmmm i’m hooked again.


Filled with gratitude I continue to peel back the layers of tension, strain, resistance, self protection to reveal my true nature. To, like Hanuman, rip open my heart and reveal the product of devotion – the light of divinity. The more I do so, the more I can see the same in others. Through each others pain I see the potential for joy. Through the anger, I see a wound that can be healed. Through the momentum I send waves of compassion that one day too he/she/you/we will remain in the still point. That stillness, that security, that ease…I wish for all of us…that it permeate our lives beyond the mat, because let’s be honest friends, the world is aching. The by product of moving away from spirit to serve the ego has only brought more and more pain, destruction, disconnection, avoidance and resentment. We can’t even focus on healing one situation before another has shown up that makes us forget. We become numb. We mistake the meaning of power to mean power over another rather than power in the seat of the self. Let’s do a little healing work. Start with yourself. Make a plan to do one thing a day that brings you closer to GOD (ooooh I said it!). That practice is up to you. Taking a walk, sitting and observe what wraps itself around silence, watching the grass grow, cooking and enjoying the sites, sounds, smells, colors, tastes of a healthy meal…you name it. Start there with the mantra- “already healed, already whole.”


In conclusion (or maybe as a beginning) I leave you with this passage from the Siva Samhita (one of the 4 principle texts of Hatha Yoga) Chapter 1 vs 63. This is the “Monthly Vidya” or monthly text study from my school, Hathavidya. If you would like to receive these passages monthly sign up for the newsletter in the link below (just once a month). Read it and absorb it after you practice every day, or at least when your mind is most clear in the early morning. Let the words sink in without trying to dictate what they mean or how they should make you feel. Just EXPERIENCE THE HECK OUT OF IT.


“Having seen the spirit that brings forth happiness, in his own spirit, by help of the self, He forgets this universe, and enjoys the ineffable bliss of Samadhi (profound meditation).” ~Siva Samhita 1.63

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