FAQ: Yoga Teacher Training

FAQ: Yoga Teacher Training

What is the application process?

In order to apply please email jennifer@campbellyoga.com . You will be sent an application form to fill out and will be asked to schedule a one-on-one interview. One year of steady practice is a minimum requirement for entry. If not a student of Jennifer’s please provide a letter of recommendation. More details in the program description.

What is the focus of this YTT?

The focus of this YTT is in the lineage of Sri T. Krishnamacharya as taught by Srivatsa Ramaswami. The “Vinyasa Krama” system is an intelligent and elegant one incorporating breath guided movement, held postures, breath work, subtle practice, meditation, self study, mantra, and ethical living. This yoga is for everyone with a sincere interest in a more peaceful life and self-realization.

What is the lead teacher’s background?

Jennifer Campbell-Overbeeke is a Experienced Yoga Teacher at the 500 hour level (E-RYT500) and Continuing Education Provider (YACEP). She has logged thousands of hours of study both in classical hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, restorative and yin yogas and (most inspirationally) Vinyasa Krama practice as taught by her guru, Srivatsa Ramaswami. Ramaswami is the longest standing student of the father of modern yoga (Sri T. Krishnamacharya) outside of his direct family. Jennifer has been teaching full-time for most of her adult life and has had the privilege to sit on several teacher trainings around the country. She is also a seasoned yoga retreat leader and teacher mentor. You can read more in her bio in the “about” section.

What if I have to miss hours?

You are allowed to miss up to 10 hours. However, this hours MUST be made up in private sessions with the corresponding teacher. This will be an additional fee.

Are there discounts available?

Yes. If you sign up early enough (See early early bird and Early bird discounts) you can receive up to $700 off the full price. Additionally, if you have participated in the “foundations of vinyasa krama” immersion weekend you get another $108 off tuition.

What are graduation requirements?

In order to graduate the following must be completed:

  • Perfect attendance on weekend modules (time must be made up if missed)
  • Minimum 12 hours one-on-one mentorship
  • All homework (practice teaching videos, sample sequences, reading etc)
  • 6- 30 day practice journals
  • 3- 40 day mantra journals
  • Must pass final teaching exam
  • Must pass final written exam

What if I don’t want to teach?

That is no problem. Many people go through training not as a way to teach but as an immersive experience to deepen their practice. I will warn you though- many begin with no desire to teach and then fall in love with the process. Either way: practice comes first.

What is the refund policy?

If accepted into the program your $300 deposit is non-refundable. For the remainder of the amount you will get a refund if you cancel no later than 30 days before the training begins.

If I am not local what are my options?

You must be here in person for the weekend group work. However, mentorship hours can be done via FaceTime or Skype. Additionally, if you are out of town and would like suggestions on places to stay that can easily be arranged!

How demanding is this program?

This is a demanding program. It is important that it is so. There are long days and much required practice and study in between. This immersive experience is how you learn to practice wholeheartedly, how you build and refine YOUR relationship to the practice, and it is certainly how you learn to see/assess and respond to your students. While much will be required of you, you will be met with kindness and compassion on the journey. As my teacher says “don’t practice yoga casually! Give it the importance it deserves!”

What if my physical practice isn’t “advanced”?

Advanced asana does not necessarily mean one is advanced in their practice. Our aim is to meet you where you are, to inspire and re-engage you with your practice in a way that is supportive and sustaining. Complex poses, intense flexibility or strength is not necessary nor required. This program is for all physical abilities. While we do require at least a year of consistent practice this is so you will know basic terminology and be comfortable in the learning environment. Each human has their own gifts. This program is meant to elevate your particular passions, interests and focus.

What are the main learning objectives of this course?

  • To build a relationship with your Self
  • To establish a daily and supportive practice
  • Students will be learn to effectively teach 100’s of vinyasas
  • Students will learn to practice and teach the 4 primary asana/mudra, scalable pranayama techniques as well as subtle techniques of pratyahara and meditation
  • Students will learn to craft an intelligent yoga practice incorporating the full spectrum of the 8 limbs.
  • Students will gain confidence in their teaching voice and presentation.
  • Students will learn the art of assisting and how and when to touch.
  • Students will gain a functional understanding of physical and energetic anatomy
  • Students will gain insight into the classical teachings of yoga including the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  • Students will learn to apply theory to practice
  • Most importantly students will build a lifelong relationship with yoga as a supportive, sustaining, and engaging practice and lifestyle.

How long do I have to complete the course requirements?

You have 1 year from the first day of YTT to complete the course material. This includes all group hours, Mentorship hours, homework, final tests, and practice journals.

Have more questions? Please email jennifer@campbellyoga.com