“I recently had the honor and privilege to go to Italy with Campbell Yoga Retreats. This was my first ever yoga retreat. The experience has altered me in a way that I will carry with me in everything I do. The friendships I made are ones that I will always be able to pick up where we left off no matter how much time has passed. The experience was magical. I can not say enough. If you are on the fence about going or not going do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift that keeps giving even after the experience. Because Campbell Yoga Retreats have the ability to echo love and light through you forever.”

~Helen S.A, Hendersonville, NC

It’s taken me awhile to write a review about Jennifer. I am balancing grieving her move from Nashville and being thrilled for her on her next adventure. I had the honor of taking yoga classes and health mentoring with Jennifer. In class, she has a way of making everyone feel visible and seen. She often says to take up “space” and you will find yourself doing this on and off the mat with her guidance. Her class is full with spirit and soul, and she has a keen understanding of the body, breath and flow which made every class simple and challenging at the same time. She is one of the kindest souls, and her voice and song
is added treat during any class. As a coach, she is your cheerleader, listener, and advisor. I felt heard, understood, and complete before starting which allowed me space to focus and to grow. If you can’t tell, I a, just a huge fan of this woman! So much love!
~Pallu R, Nashville, TN

I have been practicing for almost half of my life and I have been honored with the most amazing teachers along the way… Jennifer, however, is the most influential that I have been blessed with. My practice has truly been transformed under her guidance. She is a nurturer, opener, and edge seeker. She teaches with honesty and integrity and brings out her students individual best. She has a true gift and is so magical! Oh so Grateful EVERY time I can connect with her!
~Susan H, Cary, NC

I have been lucky enough to learn from Jennifer both in public class settings and private sessions. She exhibits a passion for all things yoga that is genuine and inspiring, leaving students feeling motivated to pursue their practice on and off the mat. Jennifer possesses a rare quality in a teacher – the ability to remain approachable while channeling a vast array of complicated spiritual knowledge to her students. I am grateful for the chance to study with such an understanding and compassionate guide.
~Mary Beth H. Nashville, TN

Jennifer is an extremely generous and talented yoga instructor. I recently participated in a week long retreat organized and run by Jennifer that exceeded all expectations!! I returned home inspired, rested and with a deeper understanding of my practice. Jennifer has the ability to teach in a group setting while simultaneously honing in on each student’s individual strengths and challenges. I feel grateful every time I step on my mat with her as my guide!!
~ Jodie B. Nashville TN

Oh, where do I begin… Jennifer is one of the most informed, caring and dedicated yoga instructors I’ve practiced with. No matter how large the class, she sees you, offering support and guidance specific to you. I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Jennifer’s retreats, and it was nothing less than amazing. I returned home with a deeper understanding of myself, my practice, and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after connecting with an amazing group of people and, of course, an amazing instructor. Jennifer’s attention to detail in her teaching, her connection to her students, and her retreat planning/execution is what sets her apart–I highly recommend Campbell Yoga to anybody and everybody, no matter where you are on your yoga journey!
~ Kerri M. Laguna Niguel, CA

The stars aligned and I met Jennifer through my local studio about five years ago. At the time, I had just had my third baby, and hadn’t been on my yoga mat in a few years. I was struggling to feel at home in my body again and dealing with anxiety. I took a beginners course that she was offering and that is when everything changed. She has been a great source of encouragement on my journey. When you take her classes you will have a nourishing experience.

Jennifer has a very skillful way of weaving her knowledge of the body and the way that it works, heart theme and spirituality into each class. You will leave her classes feeling aligned and grounded in your body, mind and spirit. If you have the opportunity, check her out. I cannot say enough.
~Lindsay D. Raleigh, NC

Amazing, humble, talented teacher that lives her truth. Highly recommend.
~Melissa S. Nashville, TN