A Good Teacher will point you back home to yourself

Yoga Study: the Classical Approach

Mentorship is a specialized experience in the continuing study of yoga based upon the individual student/teacher model. Over the course of 6 months, you will be guided through an in-depth exploration of yoga practice, teaching skills (if appropriate) and self study.  The following components serve as the foundation of the mentorship and are molded and designed on an individual basis around the needs of each unique mentee:

Private Mentorship Sessions
You will meet with Jennifer weekly  (in person or via Skype) for a private session lasting around 60 minutes each which may include yoga practice, discussion, refinement of teaching skills etc. These sessions will be structured to outline your goals and objectives and discuss your progress. You will also be given homework assignments as you evolve through the practices.

You will maintain a structured daily practice. This practice will be monitored as the framework for all continuing education in the program. Hatha yoga is a practice first of self inquiry through experience before it is a practice of gathering information.

You will be assigned homework based upon individual needs and goals. Examples include reading of ancient texts, writing projects and more. These are custom-tailored based on the personal intentions of the student and the guidance of the teacher.

Teaching Skills 
Individual sessions around sequencing, assessing, assisting, modifications and more may be a part of your private mentoring sessions. If appropriate student may observe or assist a private student under the observation of the teacher.

Towards the end of the program, you will have an opportunity to teach one full-length class under the observation of your teacher. You will receive feedback and observations. If teaching is not your aim an individual presentation on your learnings will be done and dialogue will follow.


  • Currently practice with Jennifer for at least 3 months consistently.
  • Have completed the in-person interview
  • Be dedicated to the study of yoga
  • Express interest first in personal growth and inquiry before teaching skills

This program is highly individualized based upon the needs of the student. Some students may focus more on personal inquiry and study while others may focus more on teaching methodology. It all depends on your goals and aspirations. This is not simply a “teaching” mentorship, it is a student mentorship that may inform one’s teaching. It can begin at any time as long as the pre-requisites have been met. An in-person interview (FaceTime or Skype works for those not in Hendersonville, Asheville area) is mandatory for admittance.


SELF INVESTMENT: PAY WHAT YOU CAN. For serious students only please let me know what you can afford. It is my goal to make this program accessible to all who seek serious self inquiry. Programs such as this run in the thousands of dollars…but i’m more interested in our collective consciousness and personal development.