Seasonal Whole Food Cleanse Groups

Summer Whole Food Cleanse
The time is now to take charge of your health and well being! Join Jennifer for a month long whole food cleanse that will inspire you to make lasting (and DELICIOUS!) changes to your diet and lifestyle long term! Move into Summer with more energy, positive feelings and an overall glow! Sign up by May 10th and receive $15 off!
One-on-One initial health consultation
Cleanse preparation lists
Weekly gathering in Nashville on Wednesday nights May 31-June21 6-7:30pm to discuss progress, ask questions, etc 
30 day meal plan with shopping lists (customizable based on individual needs)
access to online Facebook support group of participants
24-7 email/text support
25% off private yoga and private cooking lessons until February 26
One-on-One program wrap up session
Payment via cash, check to venmo

Weekly Meeting Agenda:

Meeting ONE May 31:

  • Community Support: How to use your resources (Facebook group, 24/7 support etc)
  • Diets/fads vs sustainable nutrition
  • Traditional food preparation: soaking/ sprouting grains, nuts and seeds.
  • local/ seasonal eating, organic, GMO and how to navigate labels
  • Cleanse essentials and review of 21 day program
  • question and answer

Meeting TWO June 7:

  • Intro to Ayurveda
  • Dinacharya practices to align with your day and aid in your cleanse process
  • question and answer

Meeting THREE June 14:

  • Gut flora and fermented foods
  • Make your own cultured veggies!
  • “super foods” and if you should / how you can start implementing them
  • question and answer

Meeting FOUR June 21:

  • Where to go from here? Re-introduction of eliminated foods, identifying toxic triggers and how to find your optimal nutritional plan for the long haul.
  • Setting our sites: Goal Projection Exercise
  • question and answer

Gratitude to  my teacher Susan Duprey for her support and inspiration in holistic health!