Workshops and CECs

Jennifer teaches workshops and continuing education for yoga teachers and students in Nashville and internationally. If you would like more information on her presence in your studio’s schedule please reference the below as an example of offerings and then contact to discuss what works for your community.

Prem & Shanti

For Teachers 

Art of Sequencing for Yoga Teachers

Ever wonder how your favorite yoga teachers develop those inspiring classes that leave you feeling fantastic? Join Jennifer Campbell-Overbeeke for this full day intensive, and learn to create authentic and sound yoga sequences to foster meaningful progress for your students. In this workshop we will review and expand upon the basic elements of a yoga practice and use them to create safe, sustainable and inspiring sequences that feel authentic and unique. You have all the tools you need, you just have to know when and how to use them! Open to teachers of all disciplines.

What students can expect:

  • Review of fundamental elements of a yoga sequence
  • You’ll create your own sequence and get feedback from your peers (no judgement zone here!
  • Time to ask and answer questions like:   “What do I need to offer my community as a teacher? and”How do I cultivate my art form and maintain the passion for what I do?”
  • Self Discovery: Taking a cue from Chapter 3:35 of the Bhagavad Gita, we’ll ask ourselves the question “Where am I competing in another teacher’s dharma through impersonation or insecurity rather than striving in my own, and how do I shift gears to honor my own light?”

Eligible for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Units. Early registration is encouraged. space is limited.

Also appropriate for seasoned practitioners seeking to expand their practice

12 hours


The Energetics of Assisting: Effective assisting and observation tools for teachers.

Join Jennifer Campbell-Overbeeke to learn and refine your skills of observation, assessment and effective response to students. Approaching assisting as a way to relate to the student and help them see their potential NOT as a way to give them a beautiful posture guides our time together. Come see more clearly how energy moves in the body and how to use tools of bandha, breathing, and assists (hands off AND on) to enhance the flow of energy.

Eligible for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Units. Early registration is encouraged. space is limited.

(Can be done as one workshop or as a series*)


Refinement of teaching tools: Pranayama, Bandha, Dharana techniques

Join Jennifer Campbell-Overbeeke to learn, assimilate and understand the art of teaching pranayama, band and concentration techniques! This workshop will be interactive and oriented towards revealing and refining your strengths and intuition as a teacher. Specific pranayama, meditation and energetic lock techniques will be discussed in relationship to their purpose, effect and implementation in the classroom. Beyond that our time together will revolve around bringing out the confidence and awareness of what you offer in the realm of teaching these ancient techniques. We start with what you know and how you practice because that is where the ground is most fertile!

In this workshop we will discuss and practice around the following:

  • Assimilating and applying techniques
  • Incorporating theme and intention
  • Guiding breath and bandha
  • Assessing the needs of the individual: which tools will be effective for the student(s)?

Eligible for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Units. Early registration is encouraged. space is limited.

9-12 hours total


For All

Explorations Beyond Asana (Series)

The tradition of hatha yoga has so much more to offer the student than physical postures. Traditionally Asana is essential only to create lightness and steadiness in the body so that the mind is focused and able to go deeper in the process of self inquiry. In this workshop series we will begin to take our practices beyond the physicality of asana into deeper, more subtle and often more powerful work with specific breathing/ energy direction (pranayama), sacred sound (mantra), and concentration (dharana) techniques to bring one to a state of tranquility, contentment (santosha) and provide a more refined canvas to explore where we are most whole.

7-10 hours total


Postural energetics: Asana, Bandha and Vayu

“Prana” is the essential life force pervading all things. It moves in specific ways in the body to regulate and control physical and mental function. The word vayu translates as “wind,” “va” means “that which flows”. Therefore Vayu is a vehicle for all experiences within the system; a force that controls respiratory, nervous, digestive systems and cardiovascular systems. There are multiple types of vayu in the body but five vayus are most important for the practitioner to observe in yoga practice. These five elemental forces are more than physical- governing emotions and mental energy, that when balanced prime one for a holistic state of well- being.

The practices of yoga, especially asana and pranayama, optimize the functioning of these vayus as well as bring them under our influence. Their energies can then be used to uplift ourselves and restore radiance and overall wellbeing. In this workshop learn the role of the pancha vayus in asana and simple breath work to direct energy where you need it for greater health and vibrant living!

In this workshop we will discuss and practice in a way that brings awareness to the movement of energy in the body as it relates to specific categories of poses (asana) and ways of being in them. We will discuss how intention, breath, time, concentration, steadiness and ease all facilitate a way of controlling and using the energy within the system to reach specific states of awareness in the practice of asana. Come weave deeper states of awareness into your practice and learn how to move or be still in a meaningful way for your personal needs and desires.

3 hours


Awakening Potential 1-2 day intensive, or separate workshops

Join Jennifer Campbell-Overbeeke for this exciting weekend series of workshops and take your practice to an entirely new place! Hatha yoga utilizies physical methods to purify the body and move one toward self realization. This weekend we will dive into a series of practices and techniques that when implemented regularly will create clarity, vibrancy and awaken the potential lying within you for a happy, healthy and beautiful life!

Workshop 1: Solar Sustenance: Surya Namaskar to cleanse and heal. Classical Surya Namaskara is a complete practice of asanas that can be done daily to create fluidity and mobility in the spine and joints, tonify the digestive tract and balance the nervous system. Within this series of 12 postures is a beautiful tapestry of pranayama, visualization, mantra and grace that, when done regularly, creates both receptivity in the body and the mind. Learn this ancient practice and how it can bring joy in to your life! 2.5 hours

Workshop 2: Sacred Seat: Seated practices to reveal innate wisdom and steadiness. Learn ancient breathing techniques and mantra to awaken a well of love and peace within. When done with dedication these practices create the perfect canvas for meditation. 2.5 hours

Workshop 3: Light and Steady: Daily self care to sustain and maintain a healthy body for spiritual growth and support your practice. In this workshop you will learn ancient principles and practices from a yoga “sister science,” Ayurveda, to create and maintain a health physical body- the vessel through which we experience this beautiful life we lead! Included in this 2.5 hour workshop will be Self Care practices and information on a modern yogic diet to create a canvas for lightness and steadiness in the system. 2.5 hours

7.5 hours total


Advanced Practice: Asana Playground 

Release your expectations and limiting beliefs about what is or isn’t possible. If you have a steady practice with comfort in wheel pose, headstand, shoulderstand and preliminary arm balances like bakasana/ crow pose, take this opportunity to unbuckle your seat belt and explore where the breath and attention can take you! Surprise yourself and crack a smile in the process. This life is made for exploring.

Can be done as a single session or a series.


Inspire the Fire: Full practice intensive

“Tapas svadhyaya isvarapranidhanani kriyayogah” Yoga Sutras 2.1

Yoga is revealed to us as a state of union through discipline to the practice (tapas), sincere study of the self (svadhyaya) and ultimate surrender and release to a higher power (isvarapranidanha). The intention of this in depth 3 hour practice is to offer the context and space for just that- disciplined effort, honest and compassionate study of self, and a glimpse of surrender in a supported environment. Join Jennifer for this special weekend workshop and allow your practice to go beyond asana. A full afternoon of asana, pranayama, mantra and deep rest awaits!

While you do not need to have an advanced asana practice this full spectrum practice is not for beginners. 1 year minimum of regular yoga practice suggested- please contact Jennifer if unclear.

2.5-3 hours


Cultivating a Morning Ritual:

Join Jennifer for a special offering anchored around the importance of self care! In this session we will learn to use and implement simple and profound techniques to create an eternal fountain of compassionate care for our biggest resource- OURSELVES! Included will be grounding and calming breathing techniques, basics of dinacharya (basic ayurveda self care techniques including dry brushing, self massage and more) and easy to use visualization techniques to begin and end your days WHOLE. We will conclude the session with a deeply nurturing yoga nidra to help you step off the mat and into your life with more connection and self love!

All are welcome, no yoga experience is required.

2.5 hours


Stepping up to an Open Heart: Backbends

Yoga is a practice of purification towards liberation. In the asana practice of yoga, backbends play an important role in this journey. From a physical standpoint backbends (when approached safely and correctly) simultaneously mobilize the spine and strengthen the surrounding musculature, stretch and massage the heart to increase blood flow and therefore energize the body, and balance the perpetual body misalignment caused by our sitting culture. Emotionally, backbends encourage patience, compassion and calm perseverance. Energetically backbends nourish all seven chakras–especially 3rd chakra (Manipura-seat of self and self confidence) and fourth chakra (anahata-spiritual center of the heart).

While backbends may seem daunting, they can be approachable for all yogis. Join Jennifer in this special workshop to learn and incorporate alignment skills that will help you enjoy and take advantage of backbends in your practice! Show up, drop your expectations, bring a smile, the rest will meet you on the mat!

2.5 hours


Seam Opener: Side Body Expansion and Strength

When we bring attention to the release and connection of the side body (our lateral lines) we experience a sense of ease that is like no other. We find more space for deeper diaphragmatic breathing, release of tension resulting from asymmetrical movement patterns in the body due to many individual factors, and we draw a deeper more conscious connection to what it means to move from center.

This workshop will dive deep into the seams of the body in order to create space for deeper breathing, more fluid movement patterns and a deeper connection to the body as a responsive and evolving unit through the asana practice. We will begin with a brief introduction and then move into physical exploration including mindful core strengthening exercises, subsequently deeper side openers, twists and more that evolve from more yang to yin in nature. Following asana we will practice easeful pranayama and meditation to experience the space created and cleanse the main energetic channels of the body.

This workshop is open to all levels. One year of consistent yoga practice recommended.

2.5 hours