On Growth 2


Notes from India 2020

growth for me has looked like…

Simplification. Being ok with not being $successful$

Being really scared of that, terrified even but still more enthusiastic about placing heart over dollar signs.

Realizing I need very little.

Having Faith

Building long lasting connections over fleeting impressions

SEEING my students in sincerely moving ways and being there rather than rushing off to the next thing. Being a friend not just a teacher.

Taking pause to affirm that this yoga has little to do with numbers, and bodies, and images. This yoga is relationship and realization and support. 

If I can be of service…real service to a handful of people I know now that it is more impactful than a momentary meeting with thousands. That maybe those few have their own sincere connection with a few which reaches thousands by result.

Even in the “work in process” that is the online platform what I offer is based on what I see in these deep in-person connections. I feel strongly that there are universal threads of experience that can be felt across distances. And that looks like connection, steadfastness over comfort and convenience, Honoring tradition over titillation…which may not make me popular to the masses but (see above) i’m ok with that.

Still being with someone takes the cake. So thank you dear students for allowing me to show up with you. Thank you for your trust and your faith in this practice of Self realization. Thank you for your honesty and non-complacency. Thank you to those of you who choose consistency over distraction, dedication over fluff. Thank you for you. I’ll never stop saying it…Dhanyaavadah. You teach me too.

Love from India,



with my dear teacher Srivatsa Ramaswami


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