What about science?

What about science?

It’s cold out there. It’s dark too. Late Fall with the whisper of Winter around the corner. 

What brings you connection during this time? For me it’s the same- the relationship i’ve cultivated with my practice is the conduit, the catalyst, the support, the soft space to land, the fire under my seat. It’s so important to nourish my sadhana when life feels easy so that when it doesn’t it’s there holding me up.

But why does yoga work? What are the synapses and the sinews and the wavelengths and the signals that prove it’s working? Where is the science in the Science?

I’m not sure about that. But what I do feel is that its far more complicated that numbers and figures and ratios and formulas – it’s EXPERIENTIAL. I’m not anti science. I think it’s so so valuable as a mode of self study and even creativity…BUT…Some things are immeasurable. Some things have no condition…and therein lies the real heart of the matter -dare we call it the magic? I often observe my clearer actions (shall we call them good ideas?) come from the heart much more than the head.

So here I am, plugging away. Doing my practice on the days it feels like the last thing I want and the days it feels like the only thing. Not because i’m trying to gain siddhis or levels of samadhi. Not because it’s cool to don a brightly colored pair of pants and stand on ones hands. But because there is something deep inside the cave of my  own heart that beckons….the boundless one.

I’ll keep listening.


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