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On Change at the Cusp of a New Year Change is inevitable. Nature is always changing as we can witness in our bodies as well. Our inherent characteristics (dharma parinama), the effects of time on our system (lakshana parinama) and change based on conditions or circumstances we are in (avastha […]

On Change at the Cusp of a New Year

Klistah Aklistah Watching the fog lift over the Smoky Mountains i’m reminded… The mind can be a friend yet often the mind , so caught up in creating the next scene on the mental screen, is quiet the opposite. Content to be buried in the morning fog. Because the mind […]

Klistah Aklistah

ABHINIVESAH Delusion’s captive, you threw yourself away like flotsam on the ocean of life. You broke the embankment and fell into the marsh of shadows. When Yama’s warders come to drag you away bleeding, who can blot out the fear of death? I.LallaThe Poems of Lal Dêd #144translated by Ranjit […]


GATHER  Yoga as freedom In language roots matter. This is especially true for sanskrit where the same word can have varying meanings depending on the root being emphasized. This is why the study of sanskrit and sanskrit grammar is a rich practice all in it’s own and certainly can be […]


Moving Forward: To the Directions In the vinyasa krama system we have 1000’s of vinyasas at our disposal. Like brushstrokes on a canvas each vinyasa has the potential to reveal something new within the system. In the visesa vinyasas we’ve explored this week several unique vinyasas including surya namaskar, ding […]

To the Directions

Staying with it: Resources As you move forward in your practice I encourage you to keep up regular svadhyaya in addition to your sadhana. It is such an invaluable endeavor especially when approached with devotion and enthusiasm. You can certainly look back to the 36 articles i’ve written over this […]

Ramaswami Resources