Liberation Yoga. Thank YOU. We are stronger together, softer together, more joyFULL together; our hearts call amplified in the resonance of a collective AUM. I’m inspired to share a poem by Taylor Kent White: . “Never apologize for burning too brightly or collapsing into yourself every night. that is how […]

Yoga Mala February 2017

Teaching Yoga: On “getting right” with not being “right for everyone” I was speaking with a fellow teacher friend of mine last week during our advanced studies in Vermont. Amidst the stunning backdrop of the changing New England foliage and our semi-delirious post sadhana bliss she told me with a […]

Teaching Yoga: On “getting right” with not being “right for ...

It’s been an interesting week. It’s August here as of TODAY in the Triangle (well I guess it’s August everywhere) and in my small circle that means one thing…”last chance for vacation folks!” Grab the kids, the dog, board up the house and get thee to the water, mountains, ANYWHERE […]

On ‘coming up for air’

I realize i’ve been stuck in a state of forgetting, a bubble of sorts, for the past few years. It’s a symptom of my Yoga practice. I’m on this path, you know? The sort of which has me rising before the sun to practice, ending my day with sacred sounds, cultivating […]

Baboons Can Do It…